Toc Toc Woodman

  • ₱1,400.00

Toc Toc Woodman (aka Click Clack Lumberjack) is the smash dexterity-based game from South Korea! 

A dexterity game where nine plastic tree segments are stacked up. Each tree segment has four bark sections around it. On their turn, a player gets two taps with the axe to try and knock off pieces of bark from the tree segments for one point a piece. But be careful, if a tree segment comes down it's minus 5 points! A quick unique dexterity game.



  •  2-7 Players
  • Ages 5 and up
  • 10 minutes play time
  • Wholesome fun for the entire family or barkada!
  • Guaranteed ORIGINAL and LEGIT copy.
  • This product is brand new and in mint condition, though the package may have some minor "shelf wear" -- just as you would expect to find in a local retail store.
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