Tobie Abad's A Single Moment

Tobie Abad's A Single Moment

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The two samurai stared at each other. 
Once they were friends. Brothers. But time has come for honor to be regained, and vengeance to be unleashed.
Footing adjusted. Grips tightened. Eyes narrowed. 
A single moment and it was over.

A Single Moment is a two-player role-playing game where about two samurai who were once friends but events have led to them becoming sworn enemies.  And at the end, everything depends on what happens in that single moment when one stands victorious and the other falls defeated.   The game also offers multiple alternative genres to try and requires only a number of six-sided dice and an hour or two to play.   It is perfect for those game nights when your other players flake out on you.

Written by local game designer Tobie Abad who has written for 7th Sea's 2nd edition Pirate Nations, A World of Dew's Sound of Water, and is a member of the Independent Game Designers Network. 


“Tobie Abad’s A Single Moment cuts deeper than the blade your character points at his enemy. The experience is drawn out of you from recesses that you didn’t know existed via the invisible game system. In just a few hours you will have shared a deep and enduring tale with a good friend that all comes down to, a single moment.”

Ben Woerner

"This is an interesting, well-edited two-phase story game. I would gladly play it. Heck, I would gladly publish it.  In particular, I like the advice and explanations hiding inside the rules text. I also like the suggestions at the end for hacking the setting. I want to play the space opera hack with my friend the Stars Wars fan."
Josh T. Jordan
Ginger Goat

"An intensely focused Samurai game with a lot of grit, intention, and drive."
Ben Lehman
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