Space Cadets Board Game

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It's your lifelong dream to join the Star Patrol and be part of the crew of an interstellar Starship. You've worked hard, graduated from the Academy, and received your first assignment as part of a team of young recruits, confident in your training and ready to be put to the test. Nothing can possibly go wrong. You've been prepared for anything. You are the Space Cadets. Space Cadets is the highly-anticipated co-operative game from the famous Engelstein Design Family (Brian, Sydney, and Geoff Engelstein). It is your first voyage aboard one of the best starships in Star Patrol. Taking control of one of the bridge stations, you are sure that this mission will be an easy one where nothing can go wrong, yeah right. In Space Cadets, 3 to 6 players take on the roles of Bridge Officers of a Starship. Each officer must accomplish his specific task in order for the team to successfully complete the mission. You might be the Helmsman, Engineer, Weapons Officer, Shield Officer, Sensor Officer or the Captain. If your crew can work together to accomplish the mission goals, you just might make it home in one piece.



  • Players: 3 to 6
  • For Ages 10 and up
  • Playing Time: 60 to 120 minutes
  • Designer: Brian Engelstien et al
  • Publisher: Asmodee
  • Year Published: 2012



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