Sabertrio Arclyte Silver Black (6 Colors with Sound)

  • ₱16,800.00

Introducing the original illuminated saber by Sabertrio, the Arclyte. Designed to be versatile, it could be wielded with one hand, both hands or when a shorter blade is attached, as an off hand. The knurling on the hilt ensures a strong but comfortable grip and the choke allows the saber to be spun easily. The Arclyte is 260mm (10.25″) long and has an average diameter of 37mm (1.45″). Certain areas of the saber has been anodized in black to give it a distinctive two-tone appearance.
In the FX Saber configuration, the saber will have a speaker, a recharge port and a Plecter Labs Pico Crumble soundboard. It has all the features a Sabertrio illuminated saber could have including all 6 blade colors. A smart charger with interchangeable plug heads is included with FX sabers.
  • Material: T6061 aircraft-grade aluminium and durable enough for real dueling
  • TRI-CREE XP-E2 RGB LEDs for maximum brightness and color-changing capability (Red/Green/Blue/Cyan/Purple/Amber)
  • The Sabertrio FX variant sabers are equipped with the Pico Crumble sound board designed by Plecter Labs. The sound board also drives the LED effects, adding more realism.
  • The Sabertrio FX sabers are equipped with the VECO 2W 8ohm bass speaker; a well tested speaker model that is known for its loud and clear sound output.
  • Bespoke 3D printed chassis protects all internal components from movement and shocks
  • 1” diameter blade made from durable semi-trans white polycarbonate
  • Base model has 36” blade length (see below for further options)
  • Designed with emphasis for ergonomics and comfort
  • Every saber has a recessed switch, choke, smooth edges and sufficient space for a good grip. The Covertec wheel for mounting the saber onto your belt is included.
  • Your safety is our main concern. Sabertrio only uses PCB protected 18650 batteries and our chargers contain built-in safety functions. The charger also features swappable plug heads to ensure compatibility with the socket type of your country.
  • 30-day local (PH) warranty and service by Saber Source

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