Sabertrio Aeryn 15-Color FX Lightsaber with Sound (PRE ORDER)

  • ₱21,500.00

Full Price of P21,500++ (including options below)

IMPORTANT: This item is at Pre-Order and the we will require a downpayment of 50% of the cost. The seller agrees to pay the balance upon arrival/delivery of the product. Kindly read below for the full mechanics and guidelines for the pre-order

With the Sabertrio Aeryn, comes forth one of the most iconic saber design elements in the galaxy; the brass thin-neck. Averaging at a mere 15mm (0.6″) in diameter, it functions as the perfect choke while remaining strong enough for dueling. The grenade-inspired grip adds a whole new level of detailing and pays homage to the saber of which it drew inspiration from. The Aeryn is 285mm (11.2″) long and has an average diameter of 36mm (1.42″). Certain areas of the saber has been anodized in black to give it a distinctive two-tone appearance, or entirely anodized black (Dark Edition), except the neck, to give it a tactical / dark appearance.

In the FX Saber configuration, the saber will have a speaker, a recharge port and a Plecter Labs Pico Crumble V2 soundboard. It has all the features a Sabertrio illuminated saber  including all 15 blade colors. A smart charger with interchangeable plug heads is included with the FX saber.





  • Hilt: Silver Black, Dark Edition


  • Full Price: Php 21,500 Base (without add ons)
  • and Saber Source are the OFFICIAL distributors of Sabertrio in the Philippines
  • Material: T6061 aircraft-grade aluminium and durable enough for real dueling
  • Blade Colors: 15 colors available from the RGB spectrum!
  • TRI-CREE XP-E2 RGB LEDs for maximum brightness and color-changing capability (Red/Green/Blue/Cyan/Purple/Amber)
  • The Sabertrio FX variant sabers are equipped with the Pico Crumble V2 sound board designed by Plecter Labs. The sound board also drives the LED effects, adding more realism.
  • The Sabertrio FX sabers are equipped with the VECO 2W 8ohm bass speaker; a well tested speaker model that is known for its loud and clear sound output.
  • Bespoke Delrin chassis protects all internal components from movement and shocks
  • 1” diameter blade made from durable semi-trans white polycarbonate
  • Base model has 36” blade length (see below for further options)
  • Designed with emphasis for ergonomics and comfort
  • Every saber has a recessed switch, choke, smooth edges and sufficient space for a good grip. The Covertec wheel for mounting the saber onto your belt is included.
  • Your safety is our main concern. Sabertrio only uses PCB protected 18650 batteries and our chargers contain built-in safety functions. The charger also features swappable plug heads to ensure compatibility with the socket type of your country.
  • 30-day local (PH) warranty and service by Saber Source


  • Sound Font
    • Light
    • Dark
  • Blade Length
    • 36” (Default)
    • 32” +P100
    • 30” +P100
    • 24” +P100
  • AV Switch Color
    • Silver Non-Illuminated
    • Black Non-Illuminated
    • Gold Non-Illuminated +P150
    • Silver Illuminated with Red +P300
    • Silver Illuminated with Green +P300
    • Silver Illuminated with Blue +P300
    • Silver Illuminated with White +P300
    • Black Illuminated with Red +P300
    • Black Illuminated with Green +P300
    • Black Illuminated with Blue +P300
    • Black Illuminated with White +P300
    • Gold Illuminated with Red +P450
    • Gold Illuminated with Green +P450
    • Gold Illuminated with Blue +P450
    • Gold Illuminated with White +P450
  • Covertec Wheel Color
    • Silver
    • Black
    • Brass +P100
  • Blade Plug
    • None
    • Include +P250


  1. Full payment of base price (downpayment) by customer upon ordering.
  2. Downpayment is non-refundable.
  3. If you want “add-ons” to the base product (after ordering the base), Please fill up this form or you may e-mail and don't forget to indicate your order number so we can easily reference it.
  4. We will e-mail you the final total of your saber (depending on your add-ons).
  5. Balance to be paid on arrival of sabers or upon COD (for Metro Manila only).
  6. Estimated Shipping: 2-3 weeks (after downpayment). The products will come from Malaysia.
  7. Questions? Please CONTACT US HERE

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