Quotes and Verses (Q&V)

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Quotes & Verses (Q&V) is fun! It can liven up your connect groups, prayer meetings and even social gatherings.

Let Q&V be the instrument to deepen friendships, old and new. Share your life experiences with Q&V and be able inspire, give hope, or just simply vent your burdens.

With Q&V, you’ll be surprised at what others could say about your situation. Everyone’s perspective counts.

Q&V is a game about life, a tool for reaching out and touching others. It plays 2-7 players and about 10 minutes per player.

There are 3 types of cards in Q&V. Ideas, Quotes and Verses. During setup each player takes 3 Quotes and 4 verses.

The leader for the round will draw an Idea card and reflect on it. The rest of the group will then take turns using their Quotes and Verses cards to make a reaction to the Leader's sharing.

The Leader gives a point to the reaction they liked the most. The player next in line to the Leader starts the next round as the new leader. Play continues until everyone has taken their turn as leader. The one who has the most points win!


  • 2 to 7 players
  • 20 to 80 mins playing time
  • Designed by: Ronald Villaver
  • A game about quotes and bible verses
  • Great wholesome fun for the entire family!

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