No Thank You Evil RPG for Kids

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Evil Doesn't Stand a Chance

No Thank You, Evil! is a game of creative make-believe, adventure, and storytelling. Make your character based on fun descriptive traits, then set off on adventure. Use character abilities and imagination to overcome obstacles and tell your story.

Whereas conventional games constrain players’ actions, No Thank You, Evil! sets kids’ imaginations free with options limited only by their creativity. The players and Guide create a story as they work together to make their way through the adventure!

Adventurous Fun for All Ages

Game rules are easy to grasp for novice or young players, but nuanced and flexible enough for older kids and grown-ups. Kids as young as five can play simpler characters, while older kids get more sophisticated options—but they all play together!


  • Make-believe, adventure, and storytelling - for the whole family!
  • Explore Dragonsnot Falls, Castle Karaoke, Muttropolis, or the Dark Park and use your character’s special skills, companions, and equipment to overcome obstacles (like fighting a barbaric yawp, winning over Middlin, the Medium Bad Wolf, or beating a dinomatron at a race) as you solve mysteries, confront bad guys, and finish your adventure!
  • Scalable rules adapt easily to the abilities and interests of kids from five on up, so everyone can play together.
  • How will your adventure play out? Your options are limited only by your creativity - it’s all up to you!
  • Everything is included in the box and you can be playing in minutes
  • Box Dimensions: 23 x 29 x 7 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 3kg (including bulk)

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