Epic Spell Wars Panic at the Pleasure Palace

Epic Spell Wars Panic at the Pleasure Palace

  • ₱1,650.00

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Panic at the Pleasure Palace, the fourth game in the Epic Spell Warsseries, takes the trademark humor-filled, mature gameplay and artwork to a new level for 2-6 players. Magically transmitted diseases (MTDs) are a powerful addition to the proceedings, leading wizards to suffer Crotch Krakens, Genital Harpies, and Gorgonorrhea, among other enchanted afflictions. MTDs also give players glyphs that lead to spells that are more epic than ever. In addition, players vie for control of the standee, which protects them from the MTDs that might come their way.


    • Stand-alone game, but also a 100% compatible expansion with the best-selling original game
    • Players: 2 to 6
    • Play Time: 30 to 45 minutes
    • Ages 18 and up
    • Designer: Rob Heinsoo, Cory Jones
    • Publisher: Cryptozoic (2017)
    • Over 150 cards with curves in all the right places!
    • 8 new wizards to duke it out with!
    • Large loads of puns and innuendos in every box!
    • All original and legit copy, guaranteed ( DOES NOT sell pirated games).

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