Epic Spell Wars Melee At Murdershroom Marsh

Epic Spell Wars Melee At Murdershroom Marsh

  • ₱1,650.00

Epic Spell Wars III ratchets up the EPIC with several new innovations:

  • Cantrips! Add extra effects to your spell by discarding some extra cards. More zing for the spell-flinging!
  • Bad Trips! The colors, man ... the colors. If your spell has lots of different glyphs, a Bad Trip card resolves twice!
  • Dual-Glyphed Deliveries! If you’ve ever had trouble matching your glyphs, relief is here!
  • Everlasting! Most of the Treasures in ESWIII don’t go away when you die. Collect 'em all!


  • Stand-alone game, but also a 100% compatible expansion with the best-selling original game
  • Players: 2 to 6
  • Play Time: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Ages 18 and up
  • Designer: Rob Heinsoo, Cory Jones
  • Publisher: Cryptozoic (2017)
  • 128 all-new spell-tacular cards to wreak havoc with crazy combos!
  • 8 new wizards to duke it out with
  • Expand your spells with the new gnarly CANTRIPS and the radical BAD TRIPS!
  • Warning: Contacts adult content and profanity
  • 85% more violent and offensive that the first two Epic Spell Wars Games combined!
  • All original and legit copy, guaranteed ( DOES NOT sell pirated games).

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