Dr Strange Eye of Agamatto Necklace Philippines

Dr Strange Eye of Agamatto Necklace

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Agamotto, a powerful mystic being and one of Doctor Strange's three Vishanti, is said to have used the Eye during his time as Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth dimension. The Eye's origins are currently unknown, but there are theories of how it came into existence. Some believe that it was discovered by Agamotto among the seas and stars, where it had drifted for ages. Others claim that it was created by Agamotto himself, which makes sense when the Eye's powers are compared to those of "the All-Seeing."

It is said that the Eye of Agamotto draws on Agamotto's own mystical ability to span distances and dispel disguises and illusions. Agamotto is also presumably aware of every time the Eye is used and may even record those events for later viewing.

Doctor Strange always wears this amulet.


  • Material: Metal Alloy
  • Strap: Faux Leather
  • Strap Length: Approximately 20 inches
  • Pendant Size: 1.5" x 1 inch
  • Fancy jewelry only. Will fade over time
  • Care Instructions: Do not immerse in water, and avoid contact with other liquids. Polish with cloth after use to remove makeup and skin oils. Store in a box to avoid tarnishing due to oxidation.



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