Abubot Bank Details

If you selected "BANK DEPOSIT" as your mode of payment, here are our bank details below:

Note that we ALSO ACCEPT ONLINE BANKING deposits such as the BPI Mobile App's "Transfer to Anyone" feature. Just email the screenshot to

For actual branch deposits, you can deposit at either BDO or BPI (any of their branches):

Account Name: KIM E. NOSORA
Bank: BDO (Banco De Oro)
Account Number: 3000 353 679

Account Type: Savings
*FOR ONLINE Deposits: 00 3000 353 679
 (12 digits)


Account Name: KIM E. NOSORA
Bank: BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands)
Account Number: 3169 34 3232
Account Type: Savings


  • You may deposit your payment at any branch of either bank (Please refer to our previous order confirmation e-mail for the exact amount).
  • Once done, please scan or photograph the deposit slip and email it back to us at We will honor only payments sent through this e-mail. Please do not PM to us through Facebook or Twitter.
  • Kindly indicate ORDER NUMBER and BRANCH OF BANK in your e-mail.
  • Sometimes it might take 24 to 48 hours for the payment to reflect on the online banking system so please give us some time to confirm.
  • Upon confirmation of your payment, we will reply to your email (within the day) and process your order ASAP.
  • If we do not hear from you within TWO (2) DAYS from the time of your order, we will automatically cancel and forfeit your order. (If you ordered on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the bank deposit deadline is on Tuesday the following week).
  • We have a cut-off of 4pm. Any payment proof for verification sent to us after 4pm will be processed the following work day.
  • We ship out PAID ORDERS from Monday to Friday only.

If you need further help or assistance, send us a message here

Thank You for shopping!

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