Amazing Smartphone Projector

  • ₱1,250.00

Smartphone Projector 2.0 is back! But this time with a tactile finish and featuring stylish copper accents.

Whether you’re hosting a trendy home movie night (copper is all the rage right now) or creating a slide show of embarrassing images for your best friend’s wedding reception, Smartphone Projector 2.0 magnifies your phone screen by up to 8 times, providing you with a mini home cinema experience wherever you are!

This nifty little gadget is an ideal gift for both the gadget obsessed and the gadget challenged because it comes ready assembled with an adjustable focus. Easy!




  • Suitable for use with iOS and Android compatible smart phones
  • Phone brightness must be turned up to 100% and for maximum effectiveness use in a dark room and project onto a smooth white surface.
  • Made from cardboard, with glass lens
  • Self-assembly, glue not included
  • Keep lens out of direct sunlight
  • Fits phones up to a maximum size of 8 x 14.5cm
  • Assembled dimensions measure approximately 21 x 17 x 10cm
  • Popcorn not included
  • Imported from the UK
  • Parcel Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 12 cm
  • Shipping Weight (Including bulk): 1.6 kg

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