How Board Games Are Made

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You all may be wondering the work, effort and processes that it takes to bring the current board game you enjoy to your gaming table, right?

Well, it involves a LOT of work and resources. One of the world's biggest game manufacturers is Ludo Fact, located at Jettingen-Scheppach, Germany, Ludo Fact has produced thousands of the world's most popular titles such as Ticket To Ride, Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Race for the Galaxy and more!

It all begins when the game designers (or publishers) decide on certain key aspects of the game. Each of these play a major role on the quality and the cost of the game:

  1. Game Board - Factors include how thick the board is, lamination, number of folds, etc.
  2. Tokens - These are the die-cut stuff that we geeks love to punch out. The numbers, colors and thickness also account for a lot on these pieces.
  3. Cards - Cards that are standard-sized can be cheaper. But non-standard sizes will cost more as the cutting tools will need to be designed and cost around EU 1,000 per sheet!
  4. Bits - Designers decide on either standard or non-standard pieces such as Meeples, counters, wood or plastic.
  5. Box - Finally, the box and inserts to hold all the pieces also add up to both the time and the cost to manufacture.

Do check out the video below on how all of the above ties together. After watching, we're sure you'll have a better appreciation on the design, manufacture and distribution of the games we all love.

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