An Open Letter To All Our Fans and Customers

Posted by Ramon Macutay on

Hi troops. Please allow us to post something kinda long. It's obvious that most of the stuff that we sell on our website are temporarily out of stock. This is because of your awesome support ever since we launched a couple of months ago. For that, we thank everyone who did their shopping at But, of course, we are now faced with a challenge to re-stock our inventory. We apologize that this is taking a while. With the peak season of shipping and deliveries in December, we've had some difficulties scheduling deliveries with suppliers, couriers and supply chains. Our aim is to grow our business in the coming months that's why we are working our butts off to find alternate suppliers and find ways to expedite it.

We've already ordered some of the products including board games and toys. Little by little, we are trying to rebuild our inventory. As you can see, we now have adequate supplies of the Google Cardboard glasses, and the Fandom Jewelries, for example. But some of the high-demand items like Funko Pop (especially the Dancing Groot) are now on their way.

We now ask for your patience for just a little more. Most of the stuff are already en route and inventory should normalize in a couple of weeks from now. We're already working with our partner artists and producers for our t-shirts and apparel line. We're introducing also new items in the coming weeks. So please bear with us.

Hang in there! It won't be long.

Again, thank you for your support! Wag sana kayo magsawa. Because we find fulfillment in making you guys happy with the "abubots" that we carry.

Now, we're gonna go back to work before Hulk smashes us to smithereens! (our boss asked us to find an angle for the Hulk pic, so there! hehe)

Peace all!

The Team

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