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Posted by Ramon Macutay on

As part of Abubot's drive to reach out to the Pinoy geek community, I've recently partnered with some of the top geek sites in the country. Do a Google search and you'll definitely see them at the top of the search results.

Abubot is proud to announce our official partners:


GEEK OUT - is the premiere Filipino geek portal featuring everything from toys, movies to local conventions and gaming events. GeekOut has a pool of authors who share the same passion as every proud geek of any Fandom should be. Check out their site here and their facebook page too.


OMGeek - OMGeek focuses on the games we geeks play. From gaming reviews, events coverage to gaming gear reviews and recommendations, they have it all. It also hosts communities in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and other parts of SEA - so it's not just Filipinos, but a community of like-minded fellows. They have a lot of content so be sure to check out their site and then their Facebook page too.


So, what's in store for the future with our merged communities?

For starters, here are some ideas that me and the site owners have tossed into the cauldron and are letting stew:

  • Cross promoting content through our digital channels and social media
  • Special offers for the Geek communities above (i.e. Abubot store discounts, pre-orders, exclusives, etc)
  • Maybe some events in the future where we can all see each other and put a face to those online avatars
  • Reviews of some select items from the shop

That's it for now. Will let you know once we finalize plans and get them rolling.

But this is really exciting since Abubot's dream to gather all us geeks and share the things we all love and care about.

Until then...


Live Long and Prosper,


Mon M.


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