Do or Do Not. There is No Try.

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As the great Jedi Master, Yoda would say.

The first couple of days has been a frenetic cacophony of accepting and fulfilling orders. I was really surprised by the beta-launch turnout. I expected a few orders here and there and what I got was mind blowing!

Thanks to everyone who visited the site, made an account and bought a thing or two.

With the huge demand, most of the items are now out-of-stock. We received a lot of feedback from customers who wanted to buy, but the items they wanted were out. We are aware of this and are working with new suppliers to remedy the situation.

We are also looking at getting new suppliers to augment our growing list. Please bear with us as we address these "growth pains".


Thankfully, a much needed restocking shipment arrived in the nick of time to save the day! You can now check all items in stock here.

Right now, we are optimizing resources and tweaking processes for a faster turn-around time to process your orders and get them out of the office stat (and right to your lap)! We also welcome feedback and insights on how to make the user experience faster and better. A fellow geek suggested that we setup a pre-order system. 

Yes sir! We're on it now!

Thank you for your support and continue to follow our Facebook page as we announce new arrivals are restocks!

May the Force be with You!

Padawan Mon

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